Throw Out This Book!

So I’m wondering, are THROW OUT THIS BOOK! the last words in this book, or do we have to wait for Revised Edition 3?

(Found at Awful Library Books.)

3 thoughts on “Throw Out This Book!

  1. I think I’ve got a lot of weeds in my library 😉 I talked to a local librarian over the weekend and he told me they had “weeded” out periodical collections, complete sets that dated back eighty years. The rationalization was the volumes took up too much room and they could all be found on microfiche. The librarian told me libraries all over the country were doing the same… ouch!

    • Yup, my college library’s going through it now. And not so much because of fiche, either, as the because of full-text databases where students can search for/find articles from far more periodicals than our little institution ever thought about subscribing to. Range and ease of access gained; serendipity and cool old ads lost.

      • Also, it means they have dozens and dozens of the metal magazine holders to give away. I did my part and took a few for old poetry magazines, but several shelves are a bit ghostly right now while the empties are waiting to be claimed or scrapped.

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