34 Collective Nouns for Some Strapping Great Animals

  1. An ambush of tigers
  2. A barren of mules
  3. A bask of crocodiles
  4. A bloat of hippos
  5. A caravan of camels
  6. A congress of baboons
  7. A crash of rhinos
  8. A drove of cattle
  9. A field of racehorses
  10. A flink of cows
  11. A float of crocodiles
  12. A gang of buffalo/elk
  13. A harras of horses
  14. A hide of tigers
  15. A kine of cows
  16. A leap of leopards
  17. A mob of kangaroos
  18. An obstinacy of buffalo
  19. A pace of asses
  20. A parade of elephants
  21. A rag of colts
  22. A ramuda of horses
  23. A rout of wolves
  24. A rumpus of baboons
  25. A singular of boars
  26. A sleuth of bears
  27. A sounder of wild boars
  28. A span of mules
  29. A streak of tigers
  30. A string of ponies
  31. A stud of mares
  32. A thunder of hippos
  33. A totter of giraffes
  34. A tower of giraffes

(Selected from this list at BLTC. Art print by Connor Campbell.)

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