35 Collective Nouns for Somewhat Smaller Beasties

  1. A bed of snakes
  2. A bury of conies
  3. A cete of badgers
  4. A clowder of cats
  5. A colony of beavers
  6. A cowardice of curs
  7. A cry of hounds
  8. A down of hares
  9. A doylt of swine
  10. A dray of squirrels
  11. A drift of swine
  12. An earth of foxes
  13. A fesnyng of ferrets
  14. A generation of vipers
  15. A husk of jackrabbits
  16. An intrigue of kittens
  17. An intrusion of cockroaches
  18. A kindle of kittens
  19. A knot of toads
  20. A labour of moles
  21. A leash of greyhounds
  22. A mask of raccoons
  23. A mute of hounds
  24. A passel of hogs
  25. A pounce of cats
  26. A prickle of hedgehogs
  27. A quiver of cobras
  28. A rhumba of rattlesnakes
  29. A richness of martens
  30. A romp of otters
  31. A skulk of foxes
  32. A sneak of weasels
  33. A stench of skunks
  34. A trip of goats
  35. A turn of turtles

And here are collective nouns for some of the larger beasts.

(Selected from this list at BLTC. Art print by Connor Campbell.)

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