17 Collective Nouns for Ones That Swim

  1. A bale of turtles
  2. A  battery of barracudas
  3. A bed of clams
  4. A draught of fish
  5. A family of otter
  6. A float of crocodiles
  7. A fluther of jellyfish
  8. A gam of whales
  9. A hover of trout
  10. A paddling of ducks
  11. A pod of whales
  12. A romp of otters
  13. A rookery of penguins
  14. A shiver of sharks
  15. A shoal of pilchards
  16. A smack of jellyfish
  17. A turn of turtles

Also, here are collective nouns for some larger beasts and for some smaller ones.

(Selected from this list at BLTC. Art print by Connor Campbell.)

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