45 Collective Nouns for Ones With Wings

  1. A ballet of swans
  2. A bazaar of guillemots
  3. A building of rooks
  4. A business of flies
  5. A cast of hawks
  6. A chain of bobolinks
  7. A charm of finches
  8. A company of widgeons
  9. A conspiracy of ravens
  10. A convocation of eagles
  11. A cover of coots
  12. A deceit of lapwings
  13. A descent of woodpeckers
  14. A dropping of pigeons
  15. A drumming of grouse
  16. A durante of toucans
  17. A gatling of woodpeckers
  18. A grist of bees
  19. A gulp of cormorants
  20. A hum of bees
  21. A kettle of hawks
  22. A lamentation of swans
  23. A murmuration of starlings
  24. A mustering of storks
  25. A mutation of thrushes
  26. An ostentation of peacocks
  27. A nye of pheasants
  28. A pandemonium of parrots
  29. A piteousness of doves
  30. A pladge of wasps
  31. A rafter of turkeys
  32. A rush of pochard
  33. A siege of herons
  34. A skein of geese
  35. A skulk of quail
  36. A sord of mallards
  37. A spring of teal
  38. A squabble of seagulls
  39. A stand of flamingo
  40. A tiding of magpies
  41. A tok of capercaillie
  42. An ubiquity of sparrows
  43. An unkindness of ravens
  44. A wake of buzzards
  45. A wisdom of owls

Also, here are collective nouns for some larger beasts, for some smaller ones, and for some that swim.

(Selected from this list at BLTC. Art print by Connor Campbell.)

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