What the Meaning of Iz Is

So apparently, the latest update of Words With Friends added the word IZ to the dictionary of playable words…but only for players with the game installed on Android devices. Is this problematic because…

  • …IZ isn’t in the Merriam-Webster 3rd New International Dictionary Unabridged (the official national spelling bee dioctionary, the one that weighs as much as a pregnant Bichon Frise)?
  • …now Apple-users will have to get used to a niggling feeling of uneasy inferiority?
  • …everyone knows the 3rd person singular present of “be”—and “iz” ain’t it?
  • …why should only one awesome Hawaiian songster be commemorated in this way?
  • …now me and my Kindle will triple-word you iPad users two ways every day till Tuesday– yeah, that extra 60+ point every game’s gonna bite a little?


Nov 6 Update: Here’s a bit of news from Zynga, via a player at the fan and tournament site, wordswithfriends.net.

Nov 21 Update: Zynga has fixed their dictionaries. Learn more.

4 thoughts on “What the Meaning of Iz Is

  1. Between an opponent and I we were able to play IZ twice. Then I tried playing it twice with at the intersection of a DL, and was rejected. Using iPhone.

    • I’m not entirely sure what the last part of your comment means, Del–maybe you’re using a word that’s not in the dictionary the rest of us are using? 🙂

      Really, that’s all this is. There’s no cheating, just an inequitable dictionary that offers certain players an unfair advantage over others. Not the players’ faults.


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