The Poem Store (part 1)

Here’s a little something dug up from my old blog, A Poetry Feed

This is great. Jacqueline Suskin hangs a sign–Poem Store / Your Subject, Your Price–on the case of her typewriter, finds a public place, takes orders, and writes poems.

Read some here. Order yours here.

It reminds me of once about 15 years ago in Vancouver, BC. Gastown. A young guy stopped our group and asked to write a poem for us. We could pay him what we thought it was worth. He took a scrap of paper from the inside pocket of his battered suede jacket, scribbled with a wooden pencil for a couple of minutes, and read to us. I think we each gave him a loonie.

In retrospect, I should have paid him more and kept the paper.

Next payday I’m gonna send that little episode and a check to Jacqueline and see what she sends back. It won’t put any money in that Canadian fellow’s pocket, but it might bring the story full circle.  And yes, of course I’ll post the outcome here.

Yes, of course I’ll post the outcome here. This afternoon.

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