Your AME Rules, My AME Sucks

So the word IZ plays for some Words With Friends players, and not for others. Judging by the big search engine hits for that post, many of you are ready to enter IZ in the dictionary only if its definition is something like “A perfect(ly awful) cocktail of neologism, meaninglessness, and competitive injustice.”

Here’s another one: AME.

I lost on that one this week: A buddy played it successfully; a few turns later I tried to take the lead and go out by playing it myself under his exact same word (my A beneath his M, my M under his E); and the game dictionary in my Kindle said, No! I still love you, WWF, but I might have to start calling you Not-Quite-Words With Friends.

(On the other hand, there’s this particular irony: M-W says AME (AmE, actually) means “American English.” The smile I got out of that almost made up for the bitter, bitter loss.)

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