“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.”

A time to have fun tonight, a time to Wang Chung tonight.

A time for Hamlet and a time for Hobbits.

A time for truffles and a time for mac and cheese.

A time for Spanx and a time for sweats.

A time for bananas and a time for prunes (let the reader understand).

A time to keep that towel and a time to fling it off.

A time for [baseball ]and a–who cares about any other time?

A time to knit and a time to purl.

A time for Handel and a time for Tom Waits.

A time to think and a time to blurt.

A time for Party Rockin’ and a time for monks a-chantin’.

(Eleven comments left in response to Unvirtuous Abbey’s Oct 23 Facebook post.)

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