Rise & Shine

Word With Friends tells me “arky” isn’t a word. Well, I’d like to know what it WAS that God told Noah to build. Lying Sunday School songs. 

~my brother’s Facebook status this A.M.

“onions, onions) onions. ‘Onions,'”

Munch on this sentence from Anthony Burgess’s novel Enderby Outside. (Four onions in a row!)

Then, instead of expensive mouthwash, he had breathed on Hogg-Enderby, bafflingly (for no banquet would serve, because of the known redolence of onions, onions) onions. ‘Onions,’ said Hogg.

(Found at Futility Closet.)

Ender Wiggin, Harry Potter. Harry Potter, Ender Wiggin.

“[A] young boy growing up in an oppressive family situation…suddenly learns that he is one of a special class of children with special abilities, who are to be educated in a remote training facility where student life is dominated by an intense game played by teams flying in midair, at which said boy turns out to be exceptionally talented. He then trains other youngsters in unauthorized extra sessions, which enrages his enemies, who attack him. He is given special guidance by an older man of legendary accomplishments who previously kept the enemy at bay. Eventually the boy-hero goes on to become the crucial figure in a struggle against an unseen enemy who threatens the whole world.”

(Quote found at Fabulous Realms.)

An Awesome Map of Independent Bookstores Across the USA

Dwell has compiled a really terrific map of independent bookstores throughout the United States.

The pegs on the map “highlight the kinds of places where you might roam for hours, scouring the shelves and scouting the stacks…thrilled by the prospect of discovering obscure out-of-prints, rare editions and favorite second-hand paperbacks.”

It’s an ongoing project, growing as readers submit info about booksellers in their communities. Many readers have also submitted helpful descriptions and reviews of the stores, too, that are posted with links to the stores’ websites under the map.

Check out the map, maybe for places stop for a break as you hit the road to visit family this weekend!

Fix for Words With Friends IZ Glitch

Lots of Words With Friends Players have been annoyed–and competitively disadvantaged–by words their opponents have been able to play that they literally cannot play because those words aren’t in the WWF dictionary installed on their devices. IZ is probably the most notable example because it’s not a word in any useful sense of the word word, it helps the opponent get rid of a hard-to-play letter, and it opens up additional opportunities for the opponent to get big scores with that Z.

Well, Zynga has apparently heard the cries of those of us with the limited, more-legitimate dictionaries and has corrected the game dictionaries for all platforms and devices. This, from WWF fan & tournament site WordsWithFriends.net:

We have been told that  Zynga has fixed the “bug” concerning the disparity in words allowed between Android devices and Apple devices. We ask that ALL ANDROID users immediately delete the app and reinstall it. We will all then be playing on an equal playing field.

Since the game dictionary is saved on your phone, Kindle, or other device, you’ll need to uninstall the WWF app and then reinstall it. And if you’re concerned about a particular opponent, ask them to do the same. Problem solved. And hopefully after this, Zynga will keep the dictionary standardized across platforms and roll out edits for Android, iOs, Facebook, etc. at the same time in the future.

Play on, folks!

This Year and/or 1982 in Minnesota News

The Metrodome empty, 9% unemployment, a Klobuchar on the front page, failing papers, a “country queen” selling albums all over the country, the county asking for things, a “harsh economy.” Nope, not November 2012. It’s the last-ever front page of the old Minneapolis Star, 2 April 1982.

(Found at Old Minneapolis.)