NaNoWriMo Begins Today

NaNoWrimo is the–the acronym?–the word anyway for National Novel Writing Month. Starting today, thousands of writers commit to a kind of creative sprint-athon, 30 days of writing to finish a 50,000 word novel. That’s 16 to 17 hundred words a day, maybe 6 or 7 typed, double-spaced pages. Some of them even make it.

The internet is full of cameraderie and commiseration. Join in at the NaNoWriMo homepage, or cross your arms and watch from a safe distance by checking the NaNoWriMo tags in your favorite blogging platfporm or the NaNoWriMo hashtags on Twitter.

I’m not a novelist, so I’ll show my support by finally getting around to completing NaPoWriMo, which ended half a year ago.

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