Grammar Burn!

“Don’t forget,” Mitt Romney said to President Obama at their first debate, “you put $90 billion, like 50 years’ worth of breaks, into—into solar and wind, to Solyndra and Fisker and Tesla and Ener1. I mean, I had a friend who said you don’t just pick the winners and losers, you pick the losers, all right? So this—this is not—this is not the kind of policy you want to have if you want to get America energy secure.”

And Tesla CEO Elon Musk kept quiet. But this week, Tesla won Motor Trend’s prestigious Car of the Year award as the Model S (0-60 in under 6 seconds, ultra-quiet motor, no fuel) became the first car ever to win the award without a combustion engine. And he couldn’t help jabbing back at Mr. Romney’s calling his company a loser:

“In retrospect he was right about the object of that statement, but not the subject.”

(Found at Future Tense.)

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