Fix for Words With Friends IZ Glitch

Lots of Words With Friends Players have been annoyed–and competitively disadvantaged–by words their opponents have been able to play that they literally cannot play because those words aren’t in the WWF dictionary installed on their devices. IZ is probably the most notable example because it’s not a word in any useful sense of the word word, it helps the opponent get rid of a hard-to-play letter, and it opens up additional opportunities for the opponent to get big scores with that Z.

Well, Zynga has apparently heard the cries of those of us with the limited, more-legitimate dictionaries and has corrected the game dictionaries for all platforms and devices. This, from WWF fan & tournament site

We have been told that  Zynga has fixed the “bug” concerning the disparity in words allowed between Android devices and Apple devices. We ask that ALL ANDROID users immediately delete the app and reinstall it. We will all then be playing on an equal playing field.

Since the game dictionary is saved on your phone, Kindle, or other device, you’ll need to uninstall the WWF app and then reinstall it. And if you’re concerned about a particular opponent, ask them to do the same. Problem solved. And hopefully after this, Zynga will keep the dictionary standardized across platforms and roll out edits for Android, iOs, Facebook, etc. at the same time in the future.

Play on, folks!

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