Scottish Poetry Library Advent Calendar

Today is Day 10 of Advent, the season of anticipating the birth of Christ, and even if you haven’t paid attention so far, it’s not to late to enjoy the first ten items in any good advent calendar. If you like blogs and poems more than flipping up paper flaps or opening felt pockets, check out the Scottish Poetry Library’s calendar:

Day 1: Richard Price reads “Open the Paper Windows”

Day 2: Aonghas MacNeacail reads “This Season’s Feast”

Day 3: John Burnside reads “Late Show”

Day 4: Picture This (a collection of poetry vinyl album covers)

Day 5: John Cale and Dylan Thomas, “A Child’s Christmas in Wales”

Day 6: “The God of Sugar,” a filmpoem by Alastair Cook

Day 7: The final book sculpture

Day 8: Ryan Van Winkle reads “Untitled (How I Lived a Childhood in Snow)”

Day 9: Bob Dylan, “It Must be Santa”

Day 10: Emily Dickinson, “The Savior must have been” (And her recipe for coconut cake!)

Check back every day through Christmas at the SPL blog. And most days throughout the year after that for other great posts.

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