New Year’s Day Countdown

Happy New Year, everyone.

You’ve already seen the top posts here, right? So we’ll count in the new year with a few of the year’s less-seen posts: The number is the number of hits for each item, as of the end of the year.

Thanks for reading last year. Enjoy these!

10 – These villainous-looking comic book covers are actually friendly library guides.

9 – The Angry Birds are literary critics now.

8 – Your children’s librarian never showed you these Little Golden Books.

7 – What’s the difference between the “Badlympics” and the “Northern Cities Shift”? None, they’re both the subjects of this post.

6 – Jnana Hodson describes what a career writing obituaries is like.

5 – These letters of the alphabet are hand-drawn mazes.

4 – This poor dude’s apostropharrhea keeps him from getting the kind of attention he wants and the kind of attention he deserves.

3 – Rachel Hanel’s gravedigging memoir has a brilliant pun in its title.

2 – Hardly a Word To Say.

1 – Lisa Simpson has a serious reading problem.

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