Somewhere in Oregon, there is a basement…

…where the internet has punctured the walls of an old newspaper printing room, where fiber optic conduit is still surrounded by a cloud of clippings pasted there by printers of The Oregonian a century ago.


These guys paid attention to the weather…


They kept tabs on how often good old Hurrah Brown (that skinflint!) actually paid his dime for coffee…


They tried their darnedest to keep the work environment orderly…


They tuned in to all the action and horror of the “present, tremendous World War”…


And of course they couldn’t keep their eyes off the girls.


Over at, Cabel has a couple of dozen more pictures of this terrific time capsule of a sub-basement where today’s media flows right through the ghosts of yesterday’s media who, it turns out, are pretty familiar and likeable.

Isabella Reads Her Lines

A look back at the famous women Eve Arnold photographed

Two quick thoughts: 1) How does she concentrate with photographers gazing at her from both sides? 2) Using your feet as a bookstand is probably a great way to keep your calves toned.

(Found at Behold.)

“Chartis Graphein,” a 100% Typographical Map by Nancy McCabe

Chartis Graphein

Lead Image

Chartis Graphein

Chartis Graphein

(Found via 22 Words at For Print Only.)

Jack Nicholson, Jack Torrance, & Jack Napier, the Joker, in One Newspaper Photo


According to Retronaut, “When producer Michael Uslan was first thinking about how to bring a darker version of Batman to the big screen, back in 1980, he saw a photo of Jack Nicholson from The Shining in the newspaper — and he started drawing on it. Uslan turned Nicholson’s famous “Here’s Johnny!” face into the Clown Prince of Crime. And, just nine years later, the rest was movie history.”

(Found at Retronaut.)

Handmade Journals From Vintage Books

The cover of a used book. A few pages from that book interleaved with 75 pages of quality blank paper. A spiral binding. That’s the recipe for an Ex Libris Anonymous journal or sketchbook.

There are dozens and dozens: large, small, Dr. Suess, Hardy Boys, cookbooks, classics, textbooks, Little Golden Books. Dozens, each one 14 bucks.