I, For One, Welcome Our New Reddit Overlords

I logged in yesterday to find that one out of seven visitors to this blog ever had shown up to see the Jane Austen-bashing post. That’s a bit like thinking you’ve written Hairy Pooter and the Pisser of Asscanbam and then receiving Ms. Rowling’s actual sales figures in the mail. Whoa.

Which is to say, I’m delighted to welcome all of you finding your way here from the Reddit link. I hope you’ll poke around, find a few other things you like, come back again soon, and maybe even subscribe.

New Year’s Day Countdown

Happy New Year, everyone.

You’ve already seen the top posts here, right? So we’ll count in the new year with a few of the year’s less-seen posts: The number is the number of hits for each item, as of the end of the year.

Thanks for reading last year. Enjoy these!

10 – These villainous-looking comic book covers are actually friendly library guides.

9 – The Angry Birds are literary critics now.

8 – Your children’s librarian never showed you these Little Golden Books.

7 – What’s the difference between the “Badlympics” and the “Northern Cities Shift”? None, they’re both the subjects of this post.

6 – Jnana Hodson describes what a career writing obituaries is like.

5 – These letters of the alphabet are hand-drawn mazes.

4 – This poor dude’s apostropharrhea keeps him from getting the kind of attention he wants and the kind of attention he deserves.

3 – Rachel Hanel’s gravedigging memoir has a brilliant pun in its title.

2 – Hardly a Word To Say.

1 – Lisa Simpson has a serious reading problem.

Experimenting With WordPress Themes

Hi all, I’ll be experimenting with some different WordPress themes over the next few days. Feel free to let me know which you like or don’t. Thanks!

Welcome Here!

I’m Karsten Piper, and I’m glad you found my new blog.

Literodditi, like its name, will be a sneakily seductive mishmash of literate oddities and/or odd literati. If you like words, their use and abuse; if you’re a precieuse (or her spouse) and enthuse without pause; if you never confuse the abstruse with the muse; if you think a book is a funhouse, a whorehouse, a taphouse, or lighthouse; then this blog’s right in your wheelhouse. And if, somehow, you already know you want to see more, I encourage you to keep up with the blog on Facebook, using RSS, or via email. Check the sidebar for all the links.

(Also, some of you may know me from my old blog, A Poetry Feed, where I read poems aloud and posted recordings of them. That was tremendous fun, but more than once I lost my head of steam, and eventually I couldn’t keep it up. The archives will stay up at apoetryfeed.wordpress.com, and I may add recordings again sometime. When I do, you can bet I’ll link to them here.)