5 Ways to Beat Reader’s Block

Reader’s block, suggests Dysfunctional Literacy, is the malaise that overcomes us sometimes so that we’re barely able to turn one page to the next, let alone concentrate or meditate on the books in our laps.

We walk past that book several times a day, giving it untrusting, sidelong glances. We pick it up and go through the motions but don’t remember much, and care less than that about what we do remember. The pressure builds, and we start to think that reading sucks, and our disloyalty kills us a little. All feeling of accomplishment leaches out of doing the dishes, running three miles, making a snow fort, or, you know, actually working at my job.

At least that’s how I experience it.Good thing D.L. is here with some remedies:

1. Stop reading. “Last summer I went on vacation and deliberately did not read or write anything.    I was told I was a much more pleasant person to be around when I wasn’t trying to read and write.”

2. Read classic literature. “Readers who aren’t into classic lit should choose a short book.  The Great Gatsby is great for reader’s block.  Les Miserables might be a disaster. Moby Dick?  Haha!  Moby Dick.”

3. Read a book you know you’ll dislike. “Books that I knew I’d dislike that got me out of reader’s block: Gorilla Beach by Snookie- supposedly written by somebody else. I really don’t like admitting that I actually read a few pages of that.”

4. Read a book you’ve read before. “This is risky.  Sometimes staying in a comfort zone is what causes the rut in the first place…Or it may kick-start a reader’s enthusiasm for reading.”

5. Do a lot of writing. “If a reader can’t muster enough energy to read, how can the reader find the enthusiasm to write?  Sometimes writing can get the brain going.  And if it doesn’t, then maybe the reader will get so frustrated by writing that reading will become an easy alternative.”

Read the whole article at Dysfunctional Literacy.

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